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Parquet floor sanding - Restoration - Repairs - Refinishing

Salisbury Wood Floors Ltd only use top of the line Bona and Festool floor sanding equipment all with dust extraction offering 99% dust free parquet sanding to minimise the disruption to you. We also use premium floor finishing products to get your floor looking its absolute best as well as being tough and durable. Our highly experienced parquet restoration/sanding team can bring your tired and worn wood floor back to life. Hopefully this page will answer any questions you may have on the sanding and sealing of your own floors.

Areas we cover - warminster, stockbridge, Ringwood, Amesbury, Devizes, Pewsey,andover,Eastleigh,romsey,winchester,southampton,Wimborne,  fordingbridge, wilton, verwood, lymington and surrounding areas

Sanding or restoring of parquet flooring is becoming more and more popular for these reasons:

  • Cost effective
  • Looks stunning
  • Increased light
  • Long lasting
  • Low maintenace
  • Allergy relief
  • Adds value


What does a poorly sanded parquet floor look like?

This image shows you what a very poorly sanded/restored parquet floor looks like!


This floor is uneven, has dips, rough bits and as you can see, lots of gaps!

This was done by someone claiming to be an experienced wooden floor restorer/finisher.


Do not let this happen to your parquet flooring!


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Identify your parquet flooring

There are two main types of parquet flooring that we come across these are Herringbone and Mosaic(finger) parquet flooring although there are many others including Basket weave and Versailles(panels).

Herringbone Parquet

Mosaic or finger parquert

Basket Weave  parquet

what can we do for your parquet flooring....

cork strip replacement

Cork strips were used a lot on parquet flooring in the past, mainly to create borders and sometimes to fill expansion gaps.

Parquet repaires

It is truly amazing what our skilled parquet restoration team can achieve. Wether your damaged/rotten parquet blocks need replacing or simply refitting loose ones.

parquet gap filling

Filling gaps in parquet flooring is a must The dust collected in our dust extraction system during the sanding process is mixed with our specialist clear resin filler and then a trowel is used to fill the entire area.


Why do some old floors have so many gaps??.... gap sizes do vary massively in parquet floors this is mainly due to how well they were seasoned or acclimatised before installation, ultimately old solid parquet blocks would have moved over the years as temperature and moisture content changes.

Sealing - refinishing - colouring of your parquet flooring

We believe the best way to finish a floor is with a top quality, heavy wearing, commercial grade lacquer.


Firstly we apply a primer (colours available) with two or three coats of either extra matt, matt, satin or gloss depending on the look you are are wanting to achieve (see our finishes page).


The finished surface is easy to keep clean and extremely tough.

A few images of what you can expect from your parquet floor restoration....

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Sanding "no dust and the floor looks better then when it was new, great value for money" Commercial floor Sanding "no dust and the floor looks better then when it was new, great value for money" - Salisbury Methodist Church
Parquet Wood flooring installed by our craftsman in Winchester "We live in our kitchen now" Hannah - Parquet flooring installation Winchester
This wood flooring was installed by our specialist wooden floor installers in Eastleigh "Beautiful" Penny - Wood flooring installed Eastleigh
Stunning!  David -  wood floor sanding done in Andover by our dust free floor sanding team Stunning! David - floor sanding in Andover
Wood flooring installed in Dorset by our wood floor craftsman "I smile every time I walk in the front door" Charlotte - Dorset
Wood flooring fitted in Amesbury "I still cant believe its my livingroom" Lisa - Amesbury
"Superb workmanship and service" Steve - Fordingbridge "Superb workmanship and service" Steve - stair cladding Fordingbridge
Door frame undercutting Door frame undercutting
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