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We offer a large selection of engineered wood flooring at excellent prices. We have a wood flooring showroom in Salisbury - Wiltshire along with a large warehouse allowing us to buy at the best possible prices. We can bring a range of samples to your home at the time of estimating.


Engineered wood flooring offers a very stable wood floor with a huge choice of textures, colours, finishes and widths of plank. The engineered backing gives a very stable base for the solid wood surface, making it suitable  for modern day living with temperature changes from central heating and humidity changes from kitchens.


Contact us for a free visit to your home with some of our samples. We can discuss your requirements and give free advice on the options available.

What is a engineered wood floor?

Engineered wood flooring is not to be confused with laminate flooring. Engineered flooring consists of layered tiers of ply wood bonded together with a real, solid, wood "wear layer" bonded on top. Laminate surfaces consist of a paper thin veneer which may be real wood or more commonly artificial material.


Floor thicknesses range from 14mm-21mm with wear layers of 3.5mm to 6mm. A typical wear layer is 4mm, which is likely to last a lifetime and will allow several sandings.


Stability is achieved from the layers of ply backing running in different directions. It is identical to solid wooden flooring in appearance as you see and walk on a real wood surface.


Wood is a natural product that absorbs and loses moisture, expanding and contracting in the process. Engineered wood flooring is less susceptible to this expansion and contraction issue associated with moisture and temperature fluctuations which can cause problems with solid wood flooring.  This means that engineered wood flooring can be used more broadly and in more areas than solid wood flooring.

How do the planks connect?

Engineered wood flooring comes in two plank connection methods, tongue and groove or click connection.In the tongue and groove version, the grooved in the plank has PVA glue applied to it and then the tongue is pushed into it although when fully bonding to the floor sub floor no pva is required. The click engineered plank is fitted together in the same way as a laminate board.

The floating floor method

some engineered flooring is laid using the "floating floor" method, an appropriate underlay is put over the sub-floor with the wood floor placed on the top with its weight holding it in place. A minimum expansion gap of 12mm is left around the complete perimeter of the floor.


Glue method

Gluing is another way of laying a engineered floor the glues used in this prosses are fully flexible wich allows the floor to move as it needs to .

Some of our engineered boards and finishes

Bellow you can see some engineered floor ranges that are available.

The boards from these ranges come in different widths, lengths and thicknesses .

Brushed and oiled oak wood flooring


A classic Oak floor with the grain slightly raised to bring a texture to the surface. Finished with an oil for a natural appearance. Very easy to maintain.

Available in a rustic board (has knots) or a prime (few or no knots)

Lacquered Oak wood flooring


Boards finished in lacquer (varnish) are very low maintenance. Finishes can be matt, silk or gloss.

Available in a rustic board (has knots) or a prime (few or no knots)

Smoked Oak wood flooring


The wear layer of the floor has been put through a smoking process to give it a beautiful rich brown colour and then sealed with an oil for a natural appearance.

Aged antique oak floor


These boards are put through an aging process to make them look hundreds of years old .

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Sanding "no dust and the floor looks better then when it was new, great value for money" Commercial floor Sanding "no dust and the floor looks better then when it was new, great value for money" - Salisbury Methodist Church
Parquet Wood flooring installed by our craftsman in Winchester "We live in our kitchen now" Hannah - Parquet flooring installation Winchester
This wood flooring was installed by our specialist wooden floor installers in Eastleigh "Beautiful" Penny - Wood flooring installed Eastleigh
Stunning!  David -  wood floor sanding done in Andover by our dust free floor sanding team Stunning! David - floor sanding in Andover
Wood flooring installed in Dorset by our wood floor craftsman "I smile every time I walk in the front door" Charlotte - Dorset
Wood flooring fitted in Amesbury "I still cant believe its my livingroom" Lisa - Amesbury
"Superb workmanship and service" Steve - Fordingbridge "Superb workmanship and service" Steve - stair cladding Fordingbridge
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