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Our range of oils

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Hard wax oil is a great way to finish a hard wood floor. Very easy to apply and repair. Also many colours to choose from if you are wanting to change the look of a room.


We stock top quality products which will give you fantastic results and last a lot longer, providing excellent value for money.

Osmo polyx-oil

Available in tin sizes from 125ml up to 10L trade tins, Osmo Polyx oils are available in two finish levels, either matt or satin (sometimes referred to as 'satin-matt'). Osmo Polyx oil matt 3062 provides a dull low lustre matt finish whereas Osmo Polyx oil satin 3032 gives a 'subtle sheen' - it will never give a high gloss. For this we would recommend that you choose something like a Bona lacquer or floor varnish.

Osmo Polyx-Oil Tints

Change the colour of your floor with Osmo colour tints.


• Available in many colours.
• Easy to use.

• Very high coverage, 2.5litre = 50 sq mtrs in one coat.

• Ready to use, no thinning required.
• Is resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk and water.
• Eco friendly: based on natural vegetables and waxes.
• Contains no biocides or preservatives.
• Conforms to EN 71: safe for childrens toys.
• Available in 0.75 litre and 2.5 litre.


Bona Hard Wax Oil

Bona Hard Wax Oil produces the warm look of an oiled floor, and establishes a hardwearing surface that is spot-repairable and easy to maintain. It is highly suitable for floors with underfloor heating, and reliably reduces the risk of side-bonding. For enhanced protection, apply two coats.




  • Water and dirt repellent.
  • Wear and scuff resistant.
  • Safe for application on children's toys.
  • Free from cobalt and ketoximes.

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Sanding "no dust and the floor looks better then when it was new, great value for money" Commercial floor Sanding "no dust and the floor looks better then when it was new, great value for money" - Salisbury Methodist Church
Parquet Wood flooring installed by our craftsman in Winchester "We live in our kitchen now" Hannah - Parquet flooring installation Winchester
This wood flooring was installed by our specialist wooden floor installers in Eastleigh "Beautiful" Penny - Wood flooring installed Eastleigh
Stunning!  David -  wood floor sanding done in Andover by our dust free floor sanding team Stunning! David - floor sanding in Andover
Wood flooring installed in Dorset by our wood floor craftsman "I smile every time I walk in the front door" Charlotte - Dorset
Wood flooring fitted in Amesbury "I still cant believe its my livingroom" Lisa - Amesbury
"Superb workmanship and service" Steve - Fordingbridge "Superb workmanship and service" Steve - stair cladding Fordingbridge
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