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Bona R850 Flexible Silane Based Adhesive 15kg

Bona wood flooring adhesive Bona wood flooring adhesive

R850 is a silane-based adhesive of outstanding quality. In lab tests, after one day, it had the same strength as competing polyurethane or silane-based adhesives had after one month. R850 is soft enough to reduce forces from the wooden floor to the subfloor yet strong enough to give a good fixture for an even floor. It has a short setting time, and is non-hazardous.

R850 is Bona's best-selling adhesive. It is ready to use and its perfect viscosity makes it easy to apply. Bona offers primers that are compatible with R850 but in almost all cases there is no need for a primer.The only exceptions are mastic asphalt and some old subfloors in bad condition.

R850 data sheet
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R850 Flexible Silane Based Adhesive 600ml Sausage

Bona R850T, is a high viscosity adhesive made for gun application. Rapid setting, the hardened adhesive has a firm texture and can be used on nearly all sub floors.

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Lecol Adhesive 5500 16kg

Lecol wood flooring adhesive

Lecol 5500 is an alcohol based adhesive for use with all types of wood flooring on absorbent and non-absorbent sub-floors. With Lecol 5500 the high initial grab is unrivalled and together with it's very good filling properties make Lecol 5000 the ideal adhesive for installing large floor elements. Lecol 5500 can also be used to install pre-finished wood flooring.

Lecol 5000 is a soild adhesive limiting the movement of the wood due to expansion and contraction as the room climate conditions change. The use of a solid adhesive is essential when finishing the floor with a waterborne lacquer. This contributes to the long life span of the floor and limits the hollow sound of footsteps.

The correct preparation of the subfloor is very important when choosing an adhesive for wood flooring. Floors must be sound, clean and dust free. Levelling compounds must be used where necessary and the floors correctly primed to ensure a better bond between the adhesive and the sub-floor Some primers can be used as a Damp Proof Membrane.

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